Sea Monster

Sea Monstering is only for the brave. Sea Monsters can (and will) take countless abominable forms. You never know what you might encounter when changing the world. This is the membership for that active voice willing to invest for maximum market entry.

Sea Pirate

Sea Pirates are willing to buck the status quo and explore uncharted waters passionately eager to find their treasure. This is the membership for those who understand the goal of sustainable clean energy is a long hard haul. Though pirates may become impatient, they are persistent and loyal per the code.


One that works by the piece or at odd jobs. These memberships are for when yer vessel is sailing on a specific mission. You have an actual piece of legislation that needs crafting, or some specific research, or an errand run perhaps by a specific date.


Ahoy, me swabbies! Swabbies love to sail at a pirates beck and call. They are uniformly able in their abilities, and are glad to take orders and charge no wages for their efforts! These are loyal interns willing to fight alongside in battle!